Jellow Jasper
A Room of One’s Own, Tour (2020)

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YELLOW JASPER | “A Room of One’s Own”Tour (2020)

NOV 6–30, 2020


Stockholm-based Mathias Söderberg has two alter egos: the 3D artist Mattematrix and the music artist Yellow Jasper.

In 2005 Söderberg started making electronic music, but moved on from it and ended up buying a guitar for xmas 2019. He would often find himself singing and coming up with lyrics and melodies and Yellow Jasper was born. The songs linger between fantasy worlds and a harsh reality from the perspective of a moody drama queen. The sound is an heir of bands and musicians like Danzig, Morrissey, Ian Curtis, Dinosaur Jr, Daniel Johnston. In other words Yellow Jasper is eclectic, dreamy, escapistic, dark but with glimpses of optimism.

Yellow Jasper’s first single Life Line was released in June 2020 and an album is in the works.





Mathias Söderberg describes himself as a music nerd with a big appreciation and love for music videos and making of them. In his career as a 3D artist he has worked with clients like Zhala, Esprit/George Clanton, Yung Lean, Bladee, Dj Haus and Cliff Lothar.

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