Master of Fine Arts, Valand—Academy of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden 1998—2003, Kanazawa Artcollege, Japan 2000, Visual Comunication, Denmarks Design school, Copenhagen, Denmark 1996—1998

Grants & Residensies:
2013—2000: Artist in Residence at IASPIS — The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International
Programme for Visual Artists in Stockholm (6 months), The Swedish Art Grants Committee’s two year working grant, The Swedish Art Grants Committee’s grant for cultural exchange (IASPIS), The Swedish Art Grants Committee’s one year working grant, Artist in Residence — Atelierhaus Mengerzeile, Berlin (3 months), Pronto Project grant, Längmanska Culture grant, Gothenburg Culture grant, NIFCA Nordic Air Residencies–Helsinki, Finland (3 months), Otto & Charlotte Mannheimer Foundation (five times), Wilhelm & Martina Lundgren Foundation, Sasakawa Foundation, Kanazawa Art College Foundation.

Göteborg Konstmuseum/Gothenburg Art Museum, Statens Konstråd/The National Public Art Council Sweden,
private collections.

Exhibitions, Screenings & Seminars:
2013: »The Sylvia Fractions« Kalmar Museum of Art SE (Solo, curator Bengt Olof Johansson), »In Dialogue with the Collections« Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg SE (Solo two artists, curators Anna Hyltze & Johan Sjöström), »Open Studios« IASPIS—The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual Artists, Stockholm SE (curator Lisa Rosendahl), »Shame on Max« Villa, Berlin DE (curators Matteo Marziano Graziano & Rosalind Goldberg) Temporära konsthallen, Stockholm SE (curators Anna Asplind).
2012 :»Virtual Realities« Kino Central, Berlin DE (curator Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, Art & Science Project space New York, US (curators Martin Massetti & Phillip Tomaru), »Limp Wrist: Becoming« Gothenburg Centre for Contemporary Art, Gothenburg SE (curators Book on the Fritz), »The Secret Cabinet« Secret Venue/Antje Øklesund Gallery, Berlin DE (Catalog, curator Christina Navarro), »Limp Wrist« Alingsås Centrefor Contemporary Art, Alingsås SE (Solo, curator Medeia Sokor Ekner)
2011: »Untold Stories« Kunstihoone—Tallinn Centre for Contemporary Art, EE (Catalog, curators Anders Härm, Airi Triisberg & Rebeka Pol­dsam), Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm SE (curators Book on the Fritz), »Rencontres Internationales« Centre Pompidou, Paris FR (Catalog).
2010: »HÄR II« Kalmar Museum of Art, Kalmar SE (Catalog, curators Kim Einarsson, Malin Nilsson & Anna Norberg). »SVA« HBC, Berlin DE (curators Christina Navarro & Sergio Roger), »Not Gay as in Happy …« Goloss Gallery, Copenhagen DK (curator Katarina Stenbeck), »Tema Frau« September Gallery Project Space, Berlin DE (curator Oliver Koerner von Gustorf), »Are You Coming Too?« Gallery September/6th Berlin Biennale, Berlin DE (curator Oliver Koerner von Gustorf), »Without a Cause« Gallery 54, Gothenburg SE (Solo), »Lost and Found: Queerying the Archive« Bildmuseet, Umeå SE (Catalog, curators Jane Rowley & Louise Wolthers)
2009: »Fotografi Nu: A Small Part of the World« CFF—Centre for Film & Photography Stockholm SE & Brussels BE (curators Aura Sekkula, Liv Stoltz & Johan Pousette), »Lost and Found: Queerying the Archive« Kunsthall Nikolai, Copenhagen Centre for Contemporary Art, DK (Catalog, curators Jane Rowley & Louise Wolthers)
2008: »Towards evening Brecht found me reading Capital« The 5th Berlin Biennal, Berlin DE (with P.U, catalog, curators Adam Szymczyk & Elena Filipovic), »Chto Delat?/What Has to be Done?« Documenta XII Magazine project Moscow RU (with P.U, curator Dmitry Vilensky), »Privilege Walk«, Teater Lilith, Malmö SE (curator The Yes Association!)
2007: »Chto Delat?/What Has to be Done?« Documenta XII Magazine project (with P.U) at Documenta XII,
Kassel DE (Magazine, curator Dmitry Vilensky), »The Long Distance Runner« Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen DK (curator Katarina Stenbeck).
2006: »Slowly Learning to Survive the Desire to Simplify« Symposium at IASPIS, Stockholm SE (with P.U, catalog, curator Maria Lind & Cecilia Gelin).
2005: »A Queer Was Here« Stockholm SE (curator Johan Lundh & Nicklas Dennermalm)
2004: Gallery Mors Mössa, Gothenburg SE (Solo), Gallery Kaiserpassage 21a, Art fair, Berlin DE (curator Michael Stumpf & Skafte Kuhn)
2003 :Gallery Kaiserpassage 21a, Karlsruhe DE (Solo, curator Michael Stumpf & Skafte Kuhn)
2002: Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg SE (Solo)
2001: The 2001 New Whight Gallery Biennal, Los Angeles (Catalog, curator Sara Jordenö)
1999: »BLICK« Moderna Museet, Stockholm SE (curator Maria Lind)

The Production Unit 2005–2008:
The Production Unit (P.U) is a collective of artists engaged in a discussion on the intersection of politics and aesthetics. We have arranged events such as »Slowly learning to Survive the Desire to Simplify — a symposium on Critical Documents«, 2006 (supported by NIFCA & IASPIS), exhibitions such as »The Long Distance Runner« at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, 2007 and the performative reading group »Toward evening Brecht found me in the garden reading Capital« as part of the 5th Berlin Biennal 2008. Current and past members include: Kajsa Dahlberg, Runo Lagomarsino, Conny Karlsson, Sara Jordenö, Petra Bauer, Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen, Nanna Debois-Buhl, Johanna Gustafson and Ylva Westerlund.