NSFW/ SVILOVA is a online/offline cultural platform based in Gothenburg that highlights and promotes current issues in culture, art and social development. The aim of the project is to develop new methods and strategies to stimulate the local scene by putting it in touch with an
international contemporary art scene.

To achieve the set goals the platform works in two fronts:

NSFW: Offline curatorial project working with an ambulatory exhibition programme and international artist talks (NSFW took its name from the online acronym for Not Suitable For Work. Often used as email, web pages and online discussions to signal content that the viewer may not want to show publicly or in a workplace. But is also a reference to the common assumption that you can’t really have a proper career working with art).

SVILOVA: Works with online exhibitions and runs an artist residency in the city of Berlin and has for the past six years organized round table discussion and exhibited the work of artist such as Hito Steyerl, Edgardo Aragón, Sandra Mujinga, William Basisnki and Amalia Ulman among others.


Contact us to get further info on our projects: info@svilova.org

Övre Besvärsgatan 6
411 29 Gothenburg

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