Max Olofsson 
Post-Modem Still Life, 2018/2020. Digital painting on a 55” screen ,960 x 640 pixels. *Live Stream



NSFW/SVILOVA is proud to present our current online exhibition Beating Around the Bush, a livestream of one work by Max Olofsson.

Max Olofsson (b.1983, Gothenburg) is an artist based in Stockholm. He graduated 2012 from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He predominantly paints and takes his inspiration from comics, video games, and graffiti, which he uses as visual inputs, or as points of departure, not as destinations, so to speak. Besides that, his works often deal with digital things and culture thematically. This is seen in Beating Around the Bush, which features a painting of a router entitled Post-Modem Still Life.

* The livestream is up May 12-26. The work is online Monday-Friday, 11-16.

To read the exhibition introduction text, please click here or the image below.


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