Iris Smeds 
The Average/ Tits of Dali
6:34 minutes, 2018 

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MARCH 9–APRIL 14, 2018

NSFW/SVILOVA is proud to present a collaboration with Göteborgs Konsthall in conjunction with the exhibition Mozart’s Ghost (Internet Art, Feminism and Resistance). The show is designed as a three part process-based program, the exhibition invites us to reflect and take part in the current dialogue between technology, feminism and contemporary art.

As a part of this collaboration we will show five video works by Swedish artist Iris Smeds: The Average/Tits of Dali (2018), Surreal Strategies to Apply on a Disillusioned Landscape (2016), The Actress; The Oracle; The Tragedy (2015) The Oracle (2014) and I am the Path of Success (2011).

Iris Smeds works with issues regarding female representation, identity as merchandise and art as entertainment. Her projects often take form of video pieces and public performances. It deals with comparing the monetary and spiritual value of art and human kind and is lately elaborating with surrealism and poetry as method for idea production.

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Iris Smeds 
Surreal Strategies to Apply on a Disillusioned Landscape
7:24 minutes, 2016

Iris Smeds 
The Actress; The Oracle; The Tragedy
9:08 minutes, 2015

Iris Smeds 
The Oracle
5:46 minutes, 2014

Iris Smeds 
I am the Path of Success
7:44 minutes, 2011


Iris Smeds (b. 1984) is an artist based in Stockholm. Recent exhibitions include: A Room of One’s Own (Wetterling Gallery, STHLM), Varulv! (Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art ,CPH), Techno Trance Paradise is Now (Luda Gallery in Saint Petersburg, RU) and The Actress; The Oracle; The Tradgedy (Index-the Contemporary Art Foundation, STHLM).

Live performances include: Spritmuseum, Drottningholms Slottsteater, Skissernas Museum, Färgfabriken and Norbergfestival among others.