Scale Be Thy King! A Playlist for The Black Mirror of William Basinski by David Keenan.

William Basinski – “The Disintegration Loops 1” from The Disintegration Loops

Richard Youngs – “Advent Part 1” from Advent

Christoph Heemann – “Solstice” from Days Of The Eclipse

Chuck Person/Daniel Lopatin – “Nobody Here” from Chuck Person’s Eccojams Vol.1

William Basinski – “A Red Score In Tile Pt. 1” from A Red Score In Tile

Harry Pussy – “Dream Diver”/ “I Don’t Care About Sleep Anymore”/ “Showroom Dummies” from Harry Pussy aka In An Emergency You Can Shit On A Puerto Rican Whore

James Ferraro – “Heaven’s Gate” from Heaven’s Gate.

Miles Davis – “Concierto de Aranjuez (Adagio)” from Sketches Of Spain

Terry Riley – “Music For The Gift” from Music For The Gift

Bo Anders Persson – “Piece 1” from Love Is Here To Stay

Lou Reed & John Cale – “Style It Takes” from Songs For Drella

Folke Rabe – “What??” from What??

Jackson C. Frank – “Kimbie” from Jackson C. Frank

Coil – “7-Methoxy-β-Carboline” (Telepathine) from Time Machines

Part# 1  William Basinski to James Ferraro

Part# 2 Miles Davis to Coil

SVILOVA would like to thank Maria Hardin for helping us to compile the music for  A Playlist for The Black Mirror of William Basinski by David Keenan.