2013 | Nadine Byrne

Swedish interdisciplinary artist Nadine Byrne b.1985 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2007-2011), Western Esotericism, Stockholm University (2011), Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway (2006-2007).

Nadine Byrne, is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice investigates the hidden or forgotten domains of the human psyche, ritual, and the poetry of meaning not fully expressed, often using the occult as main inspiration. She utilizes this trough film, objects, drawings, sound and costumes. She has exhibited and  performed in places like Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Bilbao and Brussels.

Special members of the 2013 jury :

Stina Edblom, Artistic Director for Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.
Laura Mott, Independent Curator, Visiting Lecturer at Valand Academy.

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