Svilova´s studio in Berlin is now open for self-initiated residencies all year round, for professional artists from any art-form (fine art, writers, curators, dancers, actors, composers/musicians etc). Request/application of a residency-period can be sent to For the self-initiated residency the fee per month is 600 EUR. Minimum stay is 3 weeks (550 EUR). Be sure to write requested period in your application. Candidates keeping a high artistic level and with a clear project description for their stay are favoured. Svilova provides accepted residents with an invitation-letter.

Facilities are a 42 square meters studio/apartment in the heart of Neukölln (Boddinstrasse U-bahn). For further info and terms and conditions:


Residents 2015

Kristofer Flensmarck b. 1976, debuted as a poet 2005 and his first novel Blondieland was published in 2013. During the SIRP-residency he will work on a novel that will be published by Natur & Kultur during 2016. Flensmarck is currently living in Malmö, Sweden.

“My artistic process can be described as a conceptual research where I relate to
existing textual materials. Throughout my reworking process the texts find new forms through quotes, translation, interpretation, manipulation and addition. For example: Almanacka (Almanac) is composed of quotes from my grandmother’s diaries, F P S is largely based on translations of diaries belonging to the Columbine-murderers, and in Slutförvar (Repository) the found diaries from a crofter is mixed together with interpretations of hard rock lyrics.”