Introduction text by Marie Norin


SVILOVA proudly presents the work from Swedish artist Jesper Norda. A dossier with images, prices and a text specially written by Swedish Poet Marie Norin for the exhibition can be visited in the link below.

A video starts with a flash of light – followed by a counter measuring how far the light will travel trough space during the following minute.

“Since light waves use all of their motion to travel through space at Light Speed, they have absolutely no motion through Time. Every photon that has ever been produced exists in an ageless state. (To us, the light seems to move through time but to the photon, time is standing still.) The universe ages, light does not.”

This collection of new work revolves around the words light – time – silence.

A meditation over time, speed, light – eternity.


Jesper Norda (b. 1972) has a background as a musician but half way trough his training to become a composer he changed into visual art. In 2002 he graduated with an MA from Valand school of fine art in Gothenburg. Since then he has been working both with music and visual art. In his visual art practice he expands the conceptual base into simple spatial operations made up of objects, text or light, sometimes linked to popular culture and sometimes linked to entirely personal experiences.

To get a better view, click on the lightbox image to enlarge.

video | dossier

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