JUNE, 2013


Inspired by 90 volcanos, 78 still active and 12 which were the deadliest eruptions in human history, Dark Matter is an exhibition that includes paintings, print and video through three interconnected works; Greetings From…, Dark Matter and Universe I-II.

A dossier with images, prices and a text specially written by volcanologist Aldo Ramos Rosique for the exhibition can be visited in the link below.


Tatiana Musi (b. 1982) has a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Some of her solo shows include diciembre a febrero, at the Museo de la Ciudad de México, Mind Fills, at the Cervantes Institute of New Delhi, and Savia Roja, at the Barcelona Botanical Garden. Apart of her work as a visual artist she has collaborated in curatorial projects for the Embassy of Mexico in Japan, as well as having founded Yautepec Gallery in Mexico City.

To get a better view, click on the lightbox image to enlarge.

video | dossier


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