2014 | Jannicke Låker

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Jannicke Låker
Running Woman
06:30 min., stereo, color, HD 1080, 2007


Introduction text by Angelica Olsson  ENG/SWE

SVILOVA presents three video works by artist Jannicke Låker: Sketch for a Rape Scene (2003), Running Woman (2007) and Boogie With You (2013).

For two decades, Låker has explored the medium of film through an uncomfortable treatment of taboos and questions of shame, guilt and mental abuse. For this screening of her three video works at Svilova, artist Angelica Olsson has written the essay Wake up!, where she identifies the social criticism pervading Låker’s entire artistic output. The essay provides entry points to Låker’s films, by way of cutouts from film history and contemporary politics.

Jannicke Låker´s “…body of work constantly examines the state of society by staging situations from this reality. We are constantly staging our own lives, something we share with filmmakers like Jannicke Låker. But behind our successful exteriors and titles, and our social media alter egos, is another, parallel aspect of reality, uncovered by Låker´s art. Social criticism flows like an undercurrent through her images.” A. Olsson


Jannicke Låker
Sketch For a Rape Scene
8:39 min., color, stereo, miniDV, 2003


Jannicke Låker
Boogie With You
12:02 min., color, stereo, 2014





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Jannicke Låker was born in Drammen, Norway, but lives and works in Berlin. Her work is mainly focused on film and performance. J. Låker studied at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Her works have been displayed at, among other, the Whitney Museum in New York, Moderna Museet in Stockhom, MOMA in New York and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.