NSFW/SVILOVA is delighted to announce “En handlingens man med ett genuint rättspatos“, a newly commissioned text by Pär Thörn.

“En handlingens man med ett genuint rättspatos” (translation: a man of action with a genuine legal pathos) is the fourth release from a series of commissioned texts that will intrinsically engage with the different and varied themes of our exhibition program. 

We welcome you to follow the author on an unexpected episode where used and discarded goods trigger unforeseen connections after interacting with the narrator. The text can be read and downloaded for free by clicking the image below.


Pär Thörn (b.1977) is a writer and electronic musician based in Göteborg. His latest release is “Era anklagelser är meningslösa” (Your accusations are meaningless) with the Swedish book publisher Kaunitz-Olsson.