2012 | Edvine Larssen

Norwegian visual artist Edvine Larssen b.1977 in Mosjøen, Norway, currently living and working in Trondheim, Norway.

BA with Honours from Kingston University in London (2001) and an MFA from NTNU Art Academy in Trondheim (2005).

“I mainly work with large scale sculptural installations with strong relations to architectural questions. Often I work site specific. By this i mean that I consider the total surroundings, taking every little detail in to consideration of work. I also make works starting out from architectual features of a space. I am interested in works that makes the viewer take an active part, by changing the way the viewer moves around a piece, it alters our experience of the space trough physical movement.”

Special member of the 2012 jury, was visual artist  Mandana Moghaddam.

To get a better view click on image to enlarge.

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