2020 | Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) takes place every other year across the city’s public spaces, museums and historic buildings. It brings an opportunity for artists, curators, writers and audience to discuss and engage in current issues within contemporary art.

We interviewed GIBCA’s artistic director Ioana Leca to talk about the significance of the biennial in Sweden and its role in contemporary art.

2020 | CORA HILLEBRAND GALLERY is a Gothenburg based contemporary art platform. Since its inauguration in August 2018, the gallery has exhibited the works of artists such as Fredrik Åkum, Tova Mozard, Daniel Johnston, Alberto Frigo, Tomas Lundgren, Josefine Östberg Olsson, Karin Ström, Martin Solymar, Eva Linder, Erik Betshammar and Kirsti Taylor Bye among others. 

2019 | Sarah Hansson, is Project Manager of the 1% rule at Göteborg Konst–Kulturförvaltningen. In Sweden, the 1% rule stipulates that at least one percent of the total cost of new public spaces, infrastructure and real estate developments should be used for commissioning artistic production. During our interview with Hansson, we talk about the implementation, current status and objectives of the 1% rule in the city of Gothenburg.


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